Over the years fluoride has been promoted as being an important part of preventing cavities. Cities all over the country have taken it upon themselves to add fluoride to the water supply. This fluoridation has quite often been promoted by dentists and doctors across the nation. The reality is that doing such things is dangerous to all life. It is especially dangerous to recommend that mothers- and fathers-to-be should use fluoride and drink or wash in fluoridated water. Fluoride is not a natural product. It is, in fact, a highly toxic byproduct of the phosphate mining process.

A Brief History of Fluoridated Water

Phosphate mining companies that refine phosphate rock into phosphoric acid used to release byproducts of the process into the air. When they did this, the farms around the companies began to experience great losses of animals and crops. It was determined that this was happening because the phosphate rock had high levels of fluoride that was turned into toxic vapors. These vapors in the air were causing animals and crops to suffer from fluoride poisoning. To prevent these vapors from escaping into the air, the phosphate mining companies figured out a way to turn them into liquid chemicals. They would then package them and send them away to cities to be added to municipal water supplies, justifying the addition as cavity prevention. Unfortunately, fluoridated water is not a prescription for tooth decay prevention, as we have been led to believe. It is a toxic chemical that can harm us and our children.

The Dangers of Fluoride: Pre-conception

The dangers of fluoride are significant for hopeful or expectant mothers. Much of it accumulates in the body, while some is filtered through the liver. This means the liver of the mother-to-be may be working overtime to remove toxins. Fluoride can also cause anemia. This can lead to abnormalities and problems with the development of a fetus. It can also result in low birth weight and even stillbirth. Since fluoride affects the endocrine (glandular) system, the thyroid of a woman hoping to conceive can be damaged, leading to hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism, and many other problems that may cause difficulties in conception and pregnancy. Problems with the thyroid can also lead to lower IQ, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalance, and mental retardation in the baby. In order to be healthy to conceive, a woman should avoid fluoride and fluoridated water.

Fathers-to-be should also think about the risks fluoride puts on them and their family. As mentioned earlier, fluoride can cause hormonal imbalances. This is true for men as well as women. It can contribute to a breakdown of the body and lead to greater cancer risks. A man hoping for a child may not be able to contribute to conception if his hormones are out of balance or he is unwell. There is as great a reason for a man to avoid fluoride before, during, and after conception as there is for a woman.

A healthy pregnancy begins BEFORE conception. It includes a diet that is rich in fat-soluble vitamins and minerals, with foods that are unprocessed and as close to nature as possible. Fluoride and fluoridated water should be avoided. Hopeful mothers and fathers should understand the truth about fluoride. They must think about how their health and choices will contribute to the health of their approaching pregnancy. Fluoride is not a natural mineral that is required for tooth care. In fact, it can do great damage to the body. It has never been shown to prevent cavities, and can even prevent a man and woman from having a child. To create a less toxic environment, hopeful mothers and fathers should get a water filter for the home. This will help them limit exposure to fluoridated water, and prepare to have a happy, healthy family.

The following video is the full story of the Fluoride Deception. It is a fun and educational video that will tell you more facts about the processing and reasons behind water fluoridation.