A Diet for Preconception Health

Although eating well during any phase of life is important for maintaining good physical health, at no time is a proper diet more important than during the months - or even years - before a couple conceives a child. It is during this preconception period that you are able to cleanse your body of toxins that might result in deficient sperm or ova and when you are able to feed your body nutrients that will help create the healthiest possible child, whether you are that child's mother or father.

A good preconception diet inherently involves avoiding harmful foods that create toxic conditions in the body, but it also involves eating a wide variety of healthy, nutritious foods that are helpful in boosting the body's levels of stored vitamins and minerals. The best preconception health plan involves eating as many healthy foods in their natural, organic form as possible.

The book Healing Our Children is a manual for preconception, pregnancy, and parenting. This book is full of information about how the modern, processed diet results in poor health for both parents and their children. It also talks at length about how a natural, organic diet full of foods that were once eaten by the world's healthiest indigenous tribes can help heal the body of toxic exposure and create healthier, more vibrant children. According to this book, a healthy preconception diet involves the following:

  • Avoiding modern foods, such as processed grains, any foods with artificial additives or preservatives, processed sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, and saturated fats.

  • Avoiding Western medical drugs, which can cause toxicity in the body, as well as smoking and alcohol of all sorts.

  • Eating organic, sustainably grown meat in raw or lightly cooked forms.

  • Eating raw grassfed dairy products, seafoods with organs, and land animal organs on a regular basis.

  • Eating plenty of organic vegetables.

  • Eating lots of fermented, probiotic foods to keep the intestinal flora healthy. These foods may include kombucha, yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut, among others.

  • Eating lots of bone broths, which are full of easily-integrated nutrients.

  • Eating traditional preconception foods high in vitamins, minerals, and activators. Some of these foods include glands of land animals, fish eggs, octopus, raw summer butter, and boiled tongue.

  • While this preconception health plan involves making some interesting and non-traditional food choices, it is virtually guaranteed to result in conception and a healthy, vibrant child. This plan may mean making unique choices, but isn't it worthwhile to strive for an extra-healthy diet so that you can have a healthy body, a balanced mind, and an exceptional child?

    If you need more information on a healthy preconception plan and timeline, check out Healing Our Children . It can give you all the information you need to start off your child's life on the right nutritional footing.

    If you need more specific information on a preconception health program, check out the book Healing Our Children . It is packed with information to help parents-to-be prepare their bodies, minds, and spirits for the journey of parenthood.

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    Feedback From Readers Who Have Nurtured Their Children with advice from Healing Our Children

    This truly is a book to heal our future generation of children! - Hally Cuttner

    Ramiel Nagel's book "Healing Our Children", lovingly provides holistic perspectives on the many facets of parenting and family life. Through the guidance of this book we have become more aware and enlightened parents. Overall, this book exudes an energy of life and honesty. It is a refreshing addition to the run of the mill parenting guide. Thank you Rami! - Jamie Busch, New Jersey

    This book is a treasure for new families, for all those who are planning on having children or already have young kids. - Olga

    In this book Rami explains the basics of how nutrition is linked to so many of these so-called "incurable" diseases. At the end of the day, there are no shortcuts. We do need to take full responsibility of raising our children properly. - Sandeep Agarwal

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    • Healing Our Children will serve as an important tool in reversing the now obvious trend to physical degeneration and restoring vibrant health to all children.

      Sally Fallon, President,
      Weston A. Price Foundation

    • My daughter just turned 5 and we adopted the recommendations you mention in the book. I have to say that I have never seen her that happy. Always in a good mood and I've never seen a baby that smiley.


    • If you are planning to have a child, be sure to read the book, "Healing Our Children."
      "Healing Our Children" will help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy and also contribute to the health and wellness of your entire family.

      Pam Killeen,
      NY Times Best selling Author