Why Health Starts Before Conception

These days, many parents are under the impression that they can simply do what they want with their bodies until pregnancy occurs. Then the mother - and the mother alone - must abstain from certain foods and drinks while eating a somewhat balanced diet to ensure that she has a healthy infant. Do we really think that health doesn't begin until conception or that a mother who eats a "relatively healthy" diet during pregnancy is giving her child the best possible chance at a healthy, vibrant life? If so, we need to take a page from the book of the average farmer or gardener, who knows that watering a seed once it's planted isn't enough to ensure a healthy plant!

When it comes to planting a garden, most people know that you have to start with healthy, fertile soil. The soil needs to have plenty of healthy organisms and mineral nutrients in it in order to grow healthy plants. It needs to have proper drainage and hold the right amount of moisture for the plants you intend to grow.

Besides that, you know you can't have a healthy farm or garden without healthy seeds. You need seeds that are from healthy plants and that have been properly prepared for planting and starting brand new plants. This is why many organic gardeners, particularly, favor heirloom seeds, which are taken from generations of healthy plants!

If we spend so much time preparing the proper environment for plants and understand that healthy plants come from healthy seeds, why is it that we assume children - who are so much more complex than plants - need so little care and preparation to be healthy? The truth is that if we really want to have the healthiest possible children, we need to spend more time preparing for them before conception even takes place.

Conception preparation in ancient cultures

This is a truth that many indigenous cultures once knew. This is why certain African tribes would set aside a period of special preparation for young women who were about to be married. During this period, the young women would eat special foods that would stock their bodies with important fat soluble nutrients that would be needed during their later pregnancies.

Many ancient and indigenous cultures spent months or even years preparing their young women - and young men, too - for child creation and child bearing. From this ancient wisdom, as well as from the general health of those indigenous populations when compared with our own, we know now that it's vital to prepare for healthy children before conception even takes place.

By eating special foods and treating the body well before conception, women prepare to carry a child and create healthier eggs for fertilization. Their bodies are also full of fat soluble vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A and vitamin D, so that these vitamins aren't completely depleted through the pregnancy. Young men can also prepare for conception with special foods that help their sperm become more vibrant and healthy, ready to join with a healthy egg and create a perfectly healthy child.

If you are ready to conceive a beautiful, delightful, healthy child and are wondering how you can start preparing your body for parenthood, the book Healing Our Children is an invaluable resource. This book has an entire chapter on pre-conception health, including special foods for men and women to eat in order to give their future children the best possible chance at health. If you want a healthy child, don't start at conception - or at birth! - but start as early as possible, while the child is still just a thought in your mind. Then and only then will your child have the best possible chance of being born healthy, strong, and vital.

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In this book Rami explains the basics of how nutrition is linked to so many of these so-called "incurable" diseases. At the end of the day, there are no shortcuts. We do need to take full responsibility of raising our children properly. - Sandeep Agarwal

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  • If you are planning to have a child, be sure to read the book, "Healing Our Children."
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