Bathing to Cleanse the Body Before Conception

All too often in our modern society, men and women focus only on health during a woman's pregnancy, and they only focus on the woman's health. While it's certainly important to ensure that a woman who is growing a new life inside of her gets proper nutrition throughout pregnancy and takes care of her body in order to take care of her baby, the truth is the preconception health is just as important as - if not more important than! - a good pregnancy diet!

You see, without a preconception health plan for both the mother and the father, the child conceived is going to start out in a hostile, toxic environment, and even the materials of conception - the sperm and ovum - will be lacking. A good preconception health plan, such as the one laid out in Healing Our Children , can help prepare both the sperm and the egg, as well as the woman's body, to conceive and grow the healthiest possible child.

While the basis of a good preconception health plan is a healthy, organic, traditional diet that feeds the body nutrients otherwise completely lacking in our modern diets, there are many other steps one can take to gain better preconception health. One such step is to cleanse the body through various means, helping it expel as many stored-up toxins as possible so that the internal landscape of the body is healthy and whole.

Healing Our Children lays out many various ways of cleansing the body, but one of the most relaxing is to simply take a hot bath! For men and women, hot baths are one of the best ways to draw toxins out through the skin so that they can physically prepare for conception. Women can also use hot baths during pregnancy, although they should not take excessively hot baths, as overheating can cause problems for the growing baby.

What to add to your bath

Simply soaking in hot water and inducing your body to sweat is one way to draw toxins out through the skin. However, Healing Our Children outlines a few things you can add to your bath in order to make the cleansing process even more effective. Here are a few things to try:

  • Clay: You can get clay from many health food stores, and it's great for drawing toxins out of the skin. Use only a few teaspoons in your bath at first, and see how your tub and drains react to it. Just be aware that it can cause a bit of a mess!

  • Epsom salts: You can get Epsom salts from almost any drug or grocery store, and you can add up to eight cups of salts in a bath to help pull toxins out of the body. Salts can be less messy than clay. However, make sure you are getting pure salts, rather than those that will actually make your body more toxic by adding a bunch of commercial fragrances and chemicals to your bath.

  • Baking soda: Aluminum free baking soda is a great option for a bath, and it can help relax the muscles and soften the skin. Keep in mind, though, that if the box doesn't say aluminum free, the baking soda most likely does include aluminum, and you'll want to avoid it.

  • Tea: A tea bath might seem like a funny idea, but natural, organic herbal teas can be a great way to cleanse and relax the body. Toss a few bags of chamomile or lavender tea into your tub for a relaxing experience.

  • Essential Oils: Organic essential oils from a reputable aromatherapy company can be a great addition to any bath. Be cautious, especially when using hot oils like cinnamon that are traditionally used for cleansing. A small amount of essential oils can go a long way! Also, if you are already pregnant, do some research to see which essential oils you should avoid during pregnancy, as some may induce contractions or full-blown labor.

As you can see, there are many natural, healthy ways to make your run-of-the-mill soak in a hot tub even healthier for your body. It's a good idea, especially during pregnancy, to start with small amounts of these additives and then to work your way up, so that you know which might irritate your skin in high concentrations.

For more information on what you can do to prepare your body for pregnancy through cleansing, check out Healing Our Children , which is full of other information on cleansing during the preconception period.

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