Birth Defects Cause and Prevention

Our modern nutritional program, especially during the preconception stage, is a primary cause of birth defects.

At the point when conception takes place, the nutrient content and health of the sperm and the egg, lay the groundwork from which the future being will develop. If at any point during the cellular creation of the seeds, or during cellular reproduction of the embryo, there is an imbalance within the body, either through a deficiency of nutrients, or an excess of toxic elements, a birth defect can result.

A Birth Defect can be an Expression of a Nutritional Deficiency

See pig image with club feet at Healing Our Children

Above, this pig was one of fifty-nine born without eyeballs and with other serious deformities due to lack of vitamin A in the mother's diet. Offspring of these blind pigs when normally fed had perfect eyes and no deformities.

Source: Price, W. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Birth Defects can be caused by the Seeds of the Mother, or Father

Image can be seen in Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price, Image is copyrighted and not available.

This pup had cleft palate, as seen above, and grossly deformed spine, as shown below. It was one of two pups born in the same litter with the same defects and one of five pups born in four litters with these same defects. Five different mother dogs were involved but all pups were from the same father dog.

Source: Price, W. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

In 1984, there where over 40,000 infant deaths reported, two-thirds occurred during the first four weeks of life. Buttram, H. For Tomorrow’s Children.
There is a strong possibility that some of these children die from unseen birth defects that thwart their ability to live.

Birth Defects are Connected to Our Modern Diet

Image cannot be displayed here due to copyright concerns. The Image is in the Book, Healing Our Children

The boy in the middle is the second child, the boy on the left is the third child of the same parents. The middle child is both shorter than his younger brother on the left, and has deformed feet. The cause:

"The history of this family showed that the first and third children were produced when the parents lived near the sea in New Zealand. The second, the [deformed] child, was developed when they moved inland and were living on the foods of commerce." Price, W. “Light From Primitive Races On Modern Degeneration,” Lecture 4.

Both animal experiments and in Nature's human laboratory, you can see that birth defects are caused by a lack of nutrients.

Natural and not Synthetic Vitamin A from Animal Foods, Helps Prevent Birth Defects

"The major target tissues of vitamin A deficiency include the heart, central nervous system, the circulatory, urogenital and respiratory systems, and the development of the skull, skeleton and limbs. Vitamin A deficiencies during the period when any of these systems begin specialization can result in abnormalities and defects." Enig, M. Vitamin A for Fetal Development

Vitamin A is found in grassfed liver, raw grassfed butter, wild caught seafood, farm raised egg yolks, and raw grassfed milk. This is different and yet complimentary to the vitamin A found in vegetables like carrots. Vitamin A from vegetables is not true vitamin A.

A deficiency or imbalance in other vitamins or minerals can cause or contribute to birth defects as well.

Nutrition and Physical Reproduction

Our bodies cannot thrive on our modern foods. As a result, the seeds we produce for life are inadequate, and thus contribute towards the creation of birth defects. Nature plans for perfection, it is humans who have gone astray. Couples that have children with birth defects are usually in the continuum between being very fertile, which produces a healthy child, and of being totally infertile. So a baby with a birth defect emerges from a womb that has less than optimal conditions. But with conditions that are good enough for conception.

Birth Defects Are Not Genetic

The mainstream medical establishments claim that the causes of birth defects are not well known, and we are unable to be effective at stopping them. Rarely, if ever, is it the case that defective genetic material causes birth defects. Rather, birth defects occur when genetic material lacks all the nutrients to fulfill its potential.

Imagine a plant in soil that is diseased, or lacking nutrients, it won't grow, or it will grow small, bent and discolored. In the same way, when the soils of our bodies become diseased or lacking, we cannot grow healthy children. While fate plays its role, we now no longer need to be a victim of it, because it is our lifestyle that substantially is the cause of birth defects, and thus changing our lifestyle can help prevent them.

There is Scientific Evidence about Environmental Causes of Birth Defects

Critics will claim that there is not scientific evidence to back up my proclamations, however the reverse is true. The critics should first provide scientific evidence that their theory is correct, abiding by their own standards of scientific validity. See if you can find reliable evidence that shows birth defects are genetic and not environmentally caused.

There is ample evidence that birth defects are environmentally caused. The study mentioned above with the pigs deprived of fat-soluble vitamin A, the careful work of Francis Pottenger and his cats, the evidence I presented by Weston Price of birth defects occurring through a shift in Indigenous nutrition to modern foods of commerce, and finally, the success of the Foresight UK preconception program in reducing the rate of birth defects, through a natural health program with a 1276% reduction in birth defects in their program versus the national average.

With a substantial amount of evidence accumulated over time of birth defects occurring from various environmental factors, it should be obvious that we conclude that birth defects are usually caused by our lifestyle habits, and not by some unattainable genetic factors that we have no control over.

Reducing the Likelihood of Birth Defects

A more careful study on creating health is on the Preconception Health Plan page.

To summarize, Father's and Mother's Before conception need to..

Avoid all Modern Foods of commerce:

  1. All sugar's accept for small amounts of stevia and unheated honey. (Fruit is Okay)
  2. All flour products unless they are BOTH from freshly ground, and fermented grains.
  3. All low quality vegetable oils, non-organic meats, low fat foods, soymilk and tofu.

Avoid Other Environmental Toxins:

  1. Prescription Drugs(prescription and otherwise), Vaccinations, and Birth Control Pills (Replace with FAM).
  2. Alcohol, Drugs, Cigarettes, Coffee and all sources of Fluoride.
  3. Drink and bathe in purified water, limit electromagnetic radiation.
  4. Household chemicals, pesticides, and non organic makeup and body care products.
  5. Aluminum, Ultrasounds, X-rays, and Commercial non-organic Tampons.

Eat Whole Foods Including Fat-soluble vitamins:

  1. Fish Eggs, Yellow Grassfed Butter, Grassfed Liver
  2. Fermented Foods, Bone Broths, Raw Grassfed Milk, Raw Grassfed Cream, Grassfed Eggs
  3. Other grassfed Organ Meats, lots and lots of veggies, and limit your intake of sweet fruits.

Cleanse Before Conception:

  1. Utilize Raw Foods, Fasting, Vegetable Juices, Vegetable Soups, and Herbal Cleanses to remove accumulated wastes from the body. (Do not do a complete fast anywhere close to the time of conception, give yourself at least 1 year before conception, as fasting can substantially deplete the body of nutrients)
  2. Clarify, heal, and rejuvenate the mind, emotions and spirit.

We Are Not Here To Suffer from Birth Defects

We are hear on Earth to learn, grow, heal, and to open to a more unified and complete reality. The old paradigm that disease is incurable, and its causes are unknown, is false. The presence of birth defects can be greatly reduced by changing our lifestyle habits.

When things go wrong, it is apart of a painful learning experience that we need to go through. While some of these experiences, we have no control over, as they are debts carried over from other times and places, we can substantially change our health, and the health of our child-to-be because we are here to be redeemed!

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