Creating healthy children begins pre-conception!

Let's reclaim our children's health.

The physical condition of your child-to-be is a direct factor of the health of the mother and the father prior to the time of conception.

Approximately 3 months before conception, ovum that will become your child go through a ripening process, and 3 months before conception, sperm are generated.

The ecosystem of your body, and your partners body determines the vitality of the seeds of life. These seeds set then set the stage for your pregnancy, birth, and the entire life of your offspring.

One cannot put a value on the joy of having a vigorous and vibrant child. And equally one cannot give solace to the tragedy that befalls too many parents, who have children who are deformed or who die before the age of one. Not to mention the countless couples who have miscarriages, and who are infertile.

This web site is dedicated to the end of the tragedy of infertility, birth defects and miscarriage, and to the creation of more joy through physical wholeness.

Miscarriage, infertility, and birth defects are not usually the result not of a damaged genetic map, but of a map whose criteria has not been fulfilled. In modern science this is referred to as epigenetics. It means that the expression of your genes can change based upon environmental factors, such as diet, or stress levels.

Due to the industrialized word's wrong way of living, the DNA, or genetic heritage of your baby-to-be can become damage. That is because the modern world has lost harmony with the symphony of Nature and has forgotten HER divine plan. The result then is that the seeds for life (sperm and egg) which we produce are incomplete, and out of balance. For many couples who do not face miscarriage and birth defects, the result of these imbalances are less obvious. They could result in a difficult birth, an uncomfortable pregnancy, or a baby who is frequently ill or has many allergies.

Mainstream medical establishments such as the media, and the government refuse to be aware that birth defects, miscarriages, early infant mortality, and infertility arise significantly from imperfect seeds for life. By changing the conditions of the sperm and the egg, you can change the resulting genetic map for your baby. This can then substantially reduce, and even over a period of one generation, virtually eliminate miscarriage, birth defects, and baby's who are born with less than ideal well-being.

About the Author

I want to tell you about myself briefly to establish some type of credibility. I am Ramiel Nagel, a father devoted to spreading Indigenous wisdom. I based my information from the word of Dr. Weston Price who studied Indigenous cultures and their fertility practices. I do not have any "official" medical training. I stumbled across preconception health in researching the cause of my daughter's tooth decay. I learned that her condition, like countless other conditions faced by infants and toddlers, could have been prevented during the time prior to conception. I did not know this at the time, because hardly anybody else in the modern industrialized world knows how to influence the well being of a baby using nutrition.

I offer this website in humble service to you. All the information here is offered for free. I feel called upon to support an Earth that puts higher values such as love, truth and service, in front of materialism and a quick profit. With that I offer you a program for achieving preconception health.

Preconception Health

Through their Foresight's Preconceptual Care in the UK ; eliminating toxic food and drink, eliminating allergies, mineral balancing, cleansing, and natural family planning, higher risk couples have achieved a 1276% reduction in birth defects to the national average, a 714% reduction in miscarriages, a 400% reduction in pre-mature births, and a 78% success rate in reversing infertility.

The plan that I offer is not their plan, but rather an adaptation based on my personal experience.

Prior to fertilization, both the mother, and father need to significantly change their health.

A Preconception Nutrition Plan for A Vibrant Baby

It is never too late to begin preconception nutrition program . (Well it is too late if you are pregnant:) ). Every little bit of effort you make before fertilization, will blossom with a several fold reward towards a strong constitution for your new baby. Ideally preconception care should begin 2-5 years before conception for the father and mother. 3-6 months before conception is less ideal, but important progress can be made. Below is an overview of the preconception care plan.

Creating a vibrant body for ourselves begins with an internal felt belief of, "I want to take care of and honor myself." You need to believe that you are really important and deserving enough, to take the time, effort, and energy required to look and listen within. You and your child are worth it.

Program Outline for Preconception Health

Create Physical Health

Build nutrient stores in your body, particularly fat-soluble vitamins using highly assimilable foods, and avoiding modern nutrient devoid foods.

Recover from drug and contraceptive use (Birth Control Pills and IUD) recovering lost minerals and vitamins, and using Fertility Awareness instead of drugs.

Cleansing and rebalancing the body is done by removing toxic build up, and identifying and eliminating allergies. At the same time you can balance blood chemistry.

Maintain physical well being through avoiding environmental toxins and by practicing holistic exercise like; yoga, tai chi, chi gong, swimming or walking.

Create Emotional Health

Taking time to breathe, notice and feel your feelings.

Journal and engage in nurturing relationships.

Create Mental Health

Clarify you thoughts and feelings, especially around your intentions around parenting, family and community; through meditation, journaling, talking to friends, and through reading spiritual or other harmonious texts.

Create Spiritual Health

Align with your life’s purpose as a parent. Parenting lies at the center of our longing.

Engage in spiritual practice such as prayer, meditation, reading religious or spiritual texts, yoga, selfless service, and communication with God and/ or your higher (divine) self.

Overview of this website

On this website you will find several detailed pages.

  1. A Preconception Health Plan, including all of the preconception essentials based on the plan outlined above.
  2. An explanation of the cause of birth defects and what you can do about it.
  3. An explanation about the cause of miscarriage and how to prevent it.
  4. Understanding the cause of infertility and how to reverse it.

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