Preconception Health Plan
Preconception Diet & Nutrition

Creating healthy children begins before conception. This plan can be used to help heal infertility, reduce the risk of birth defects, miscarriage, and pre-mature birth. Let's reclaim our conception health!

This preconception health plan is effective because it is our wrong way of living, our habits of food, drink and drugs, that is a primary factor in disease.

The roots of our wrong way of living comes from a disease of the soul. We feel sad, unloved, and that the world is full of separation, fear and violence. Our lifestyle then becomes a reflection of these beliefs, and, a medical system is created that keeps these belief systems intact, by hiding the truth that is right under our nose.

This truth is that most disease's are not caused by fate or genetics, and they are not usually cured by drugs or surgery. Disease is usually, unknowingly caused by our own hands.

It is important that each individual following this plan, look within themselves at their motivations for their lifestyle habits. What pain are you covering? What beliefs do you hold about life that perpetuate fear and violence?

Only through the flowering of self compassion and self love, can we fully accept our current life circumstances, and thus move beyond them.

From Sickness to Pre-Pregnancy Health

I have struggled with my health for many years. I am finally seeing that health begins with a simple statement, that is not just said, but felt and believed. That statement is some like, "I want to take care of myself." or "I want to honor myself." It takes effort and patience to really slow down enough in life to pay attention to our dietary habits. Yet to really regain your health, you need to carefully listen to the signals your body is telling you about how much foods to eat, and what types of foods to eat.

A Program for Preconception Health

I have done my best to condense the information into the shortest possible format, it still will take some amount of time to go through it all. Please be patient, as this information has real value. The information is also circular, so you can understand it better if you read everything, rather than skipping over certain parts.

At the bottom of the page is a disclaimer. As a reminder, I provide this information for informational use only, any efforts on your part to practice this information is done at your own responsibility. That being said, there is a great need for real preconception health care practitioners to exist in this country, and there are hardly any that can provide any meaningful health care service, hence the creation of this protocol.

Preconception Health Plan Overview

  1. Avoid modernized foods
  2. Eat special foods, rich in fat-soluble vitamins
  3. Choose at least one method to repair and restore the body
  4. Balance Blood Chemistry using raw or rare animal proteins/fats and vegetables.
  5. Eliminate Allergies with NAET, HK, and avoiding modernized foods.
  6. Practice FAM to replace birth control pills or the IUD
  7. Dynamic Movement and exercise for vibrancy and health.

Preconception Health Timeline

These guidelines have arisen out of the observations that some indigenous groups of people, have certain customs, that they know are essential to create healthy pregnancies and children. These customs call for the frequently consumption of special foods for men and women which are rarely consumed in our modern diet, prior to conception.

An explanation for the modern problems of childbearing and conception, can be found to some degree in the fact that a vast proportion of the United States population, no longer eats these special foods.

2-5+ years prior to conception Begin Preconception Health Program
2+ years prior to conception Use raw and fermented vegetables and raw animal foods to help heal the body
  Eat building and nourishing foods, like oysters, raw or fermented grassfed milk, raw grassfed butter, raw grassfed cream, fish eggs, farm fresh eggs, grassfed liver, and wild octopus
6 month's prior to conception Eat at least one special food regularly (several times per week to several times per day)
  1. Fish Eggs (from wild fish)
  2. Grassfed Yellow butter (as well as grassfed milk, cream, and cheese made during the spring and summer when the cows graze on rapidly growing grass)
  3. Crab and Lobster including the “mustard” and “tomalley” (from clean waters)
3 month's prior to conception Men, eat soft roe (milt) and/or other foods listed just above (1.2.3.) daily or almost daily

Women, eat fish eggs and/or other foods listed above (2.3.) daily or almost daily

Day of Conception Eat from special foods several times

All the foods on this list can be eaten at any time, and the list is inclusive. So keep adding these items to your diet and do not remove any foods that you are utilizing even if you shift to a different time period.

The foods listed for preconception health, during the 0-6 month period before conception, are high in fat-soluble vitamins, especially a vitamin and mineral known as Activator-X (naturally occurring vitamin K2 in animal foods). During the formation of the sperm and ova, which happens approximately during the three month time period before conception, it is essential that both the mother's and father's body be loaded with this ingredient of fertility. In addition to Activator-X, fat-soluble vitamins A and D are needed. The best sources of vitamins A and D are grassfed liver, and/or high vitamin or fermented cod liver oil. This will help create a superbly healthy child.

Preconception Diet Daily Overview

Vitamin A
Vitamin D
Calories from Fat
1.5 grams
2.0 grams
5,000-15,000+ IU
500-2,000+ IU
  • Avoid modern processed foods
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol and unnecessary drugs
  • Eat two of the following three foods regularly (daily or almost daily)*
    1. Raw grassfed dairy foods
    2. Seafoods, including all edible organs
    3. Organs of land animals
  • Animal proteins (wild fish, grassfed beef, lamb, chicken, oysters, clams, crab, lobster, eggs) should be usually eaten either raw, or fermented, or in stews, and usually eaten several times daily in small portions (1-3 ounces), or larger portions if you have a desire for more. (With plenty of fat)
  • An abundance of vegetables
  • Fermented foods, such as fermented beverages including fermented milk and fermented vegetables in abundance, they nourish, cleanse and heal the body
  • Bone broths regularly as they restore, cleanse and nourish the body
  • Special Preconception Foods (see the timeline: fish eggs, yellow butter, “mustard” and “tomalley”)

*As an alternative or as a supplement for one of the categories, fermented cod liver oil daily.

**Make adjustments do the diet based on your inner wisdom and how your body feels, this is not mean to be a rigid protocol, but a helpful map for good food selection.

You'll notice the diet is high in fat. Fat from healthy sources is good for us, it won't make you fat, and high cholesterol is not a health hazard.

Fat-Soluble Vitamins Pre-Pregnancy

Fat-soluble vitamins are vitamins A, D, E, and K. They are severely lacking from our modern diet. The diet above pays special attention to the foods that will provide us rich sources of fat-soluble vitamins and other minerals necessary for optimal health. Those food sources are raw grassfed dairy foods, wild sea foods when the head or some of the organs are eaten, and organs of grassfed land animals.

Preconception Health Plan For Men

Preconception health is almost as important for men as it is for women. In the example on the birth defect's page, I showed an example of a puppy who had a birth defect from the father's seed.

Some coastal Indians of Peru, had father's eat what is likely the testes of the angelote fish, which is similar to a skate, before conception. Eskimo people had the father's eat the sperm sacs of salmon's, the milt, before conception. Some fish merchants will provide the milt of a variety of fish, some sushi restaurants serve "soft roe" as a delicacy.

Men and their children would benifit by obtaining this special food, and eating it occaisonally or reguarlly, prior to conception. If milt is unabtainable, other special foods should suffice. (fish eggs, yellow butter, “mustard” and “tomalley”)

Child Spacing When Conceiving

Many Indigenous cultures had taboos and norms around the spacing of children. Other than the obvious fact that this will prevent the mother from going crazy taking care of two infants, spacing children allows for time for the Mother's body to recoup its nutrients in between conceptions.

Ideally children should be spaced 2.5-5+ years apart. In my opinion, ideal child spacing is far enough apart to allow for the full, on cue, breastfeeding of the first child (4-7 years of spacing apart). Of course these guidelines must be adapted to the uniqueness of your circumstances.

Hazards of Birth Control Pills and IUD

"Oral contraceptive pills usually contain two hormones (steroids), most often synthetic, estrogen and progestogen. The pill upsets the balance between copper and zinc levels, raising copper and lowering zinc.. The pill also interferes with other mineral balances, especially magnesium, iron, iodine, and probably chromium and manganese." Buttram, H. For Tomorrow’s Children

The levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B1, B2, B3 and B6, magnesium, iron, iodine, chromium, manganese and perhaps other vitamins need to be restored over a period of time from oral conceptive use. Tese vitamins are depleted do the significant upset of body chemistry caused by the pill or IUD. Becoming pregnant in a depleted state and hormonally imbalanced state, as many mother's do coming immediately off the pill, is surely a significant contributing factor in a host of conception problems, like morning sickness, post-partum depression, and perhaps even minor or major defects in infants.

Liver, especially raw grassfed liver contains many of these vitamins. I suggest small portions of grassfed liver from any animal, preferably raw or rare cooked, once or several times per day to help recover from birth control pills. (High vitamin cod liver oil is a somewhat adequate replacement for fresh liver.) Spirulina as well as many other foods can also help restore various nutrient levels.

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) can Replace Birth Control Pills and IUD

FAM is not the unreliable rhythm method of birth control. The failure rate of FAM when the method is strictly followed is between 0-2%. This makes it as safe or safer than condoms.

Because of the harmful effects of birth control pills and the IUD, the FAM method, which relies primarily on two indicators, cervical fluid, and waking temperature's, is recommended.

This needs to be practiced ideally for several months or even several years before conception while the body has time to rebalance itself, and restore levels of important minerals lost from birth control pills or the IUD.

For couples who are infertile, FAM is a way of increasing the likelihood of conception by timing exactly the fertile times, and also through charting, women can see if their ovulation cycles are normal.

More information about FAM is at The Garden of Fertility, and Take Charge of Your Fertility.

Note: In case you are curious, many Indigenous groups used herbal methods of birth control to safety prevent pregnancy. This herbal knowledge can, and need to be reclaimed. Untill then, we have FAM.

Avoid Modern Foods Before Conception

I use the term modern foods, or modernized foods, to describe whole foods that have been altered by commerce and industry to enhance profit. These alterations are not done with the consideration of the health effects on the final food product. Thus we have a society that consumes vast quantities of foods that even bugs and microorganisms will not eat. These foods make us sick, and cause diseases, like those mentioned on this website.
  1. Sugar – White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Organic Sugar, Evaporated Cane Juice, Corn Syrup, Commercial Jams (Exceptions are, totally unheated honey, and stevia. Limit frequent consumption of excessively sweet fruit)
  2. Flour & Grain Products – White Flour, Wheat Flour, Organic Flour, any unsoaked grain products. Examples: bread, crackers, cookies, doughnuts, breakfast cereals, muffins, pastries, tortillas, bagels, and sandwiches (most store bought flour products even from the health food store need to be avoided). Only eat grains that are organic and both freshly ground and fermented. Many grains require the bran and germ to be removed.
  3. Hydrogenated Oils - like Margarine and Low quality vegetable oils, Vegetable Oil, Soybean Oil, Crisco, Canola, and Safflower (replace with organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, organic olive oil or butter, suet, or tallow).
  4. Any type of junk, convenience food, or modern fast foods
  5. Coffee, Soft Drinks, Nutrasweet, and anything with artificial flavors, artificial colors, or artificial ingredients
  6. Soymilk, Protein Powder, and Excess Tofu.
  7. Pasteurized Milk, even if it is organic.
  8. Non-grass-fed meat and eggs, and farm raised fish.
  9. Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Drugs (including most prescription drugs & vaccines)

A more detailed foods to avoid list with some explanation is here.

Preconception Cleansing

During the time of pregnancy, the body does its best to create a clean, toxin free environment within the Mother, for the growing fetus. Because of our modern lifestyle, with food additives, environmental pollutants and chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs and vaccinations, our bodies can be loaded with toxic accumulations. Rather than forcing your body to strain to eliminate toxins during pregnancy, you can eliminate a significant portion of toxins before pregnancy through special dietary modifications. The result, the possibility of a comfortable pregnancy.

Cleansing With Diet, Utilizing Raw Foods

"Raw liver was commonly used by the Plains Indians to rehabilitate exhausted and diseased people. Those in excellent health also regularly included raw liver in their diet. Even today raw fish is used by the Eskimos as well as by the South Sea Islanders for the cure of disease." Bieler, H. Food is Your Best Medicine

Aajonus Vonderplanitz describes in the book, The Recipe for Living Without Disease, a program for healing and rejuvenating the body with raw foods. This raw food plan does not refer to eating lots of salads but rather..

The key sources of proteins are raw fish, raw beef, raw chicken, raw fertile eggs, raw milk, and raw cheese (all organic, or wild, and grassfed). The key sources of fats, are raw grassfed butter, raw grassfed cream, organic avocados and cream made from coconuts. Fresh vegetable juice is also utilized, however, higher sugar vegetables like carrots and beets, are not used in large quantities for juice. A typical juice is homemade using the Greenstar Juicer and is about 80% celery and 20% parsley. Juices made that include cilantro can have the effect of binding to heavy metals and cleansing them for our bodies.

Eating raw grassfed eggs, with between 2-4+ cups of fresh vegetable juice per day, will help the body cleanse and renew itself. Usually the cleansing process if fairly uncomfortable, lasts 2-10 days, and it involves a detoxifying sickness.

Even if you do not follow such a program, the lesson to be learned here is to utilize raw grassfed animal proteins and fats, and raw vegetable juices to aid in cleansing the body. Eating raw glands and organs, especially raw or rare cooked, grassfed liver (do not use conventional liver's or other conventionally raised organs as they are high in toxic substances) will help rejuvenate and heal your body.

Raw Milk Cure/Cleanse Before Pregnancy

"The therapy is simple. The patients are put at rest in bed and are given at half hour intervals small quantities of milk, totaling from five to ten quarts of milk a day. Most patients are started on three or four quarts of milk a day and this is usually increased by a pint a day. Diaphoresis [copious perspiration] is stimulated by hot baths and hot packs and heat in other forms. A daily enema is given."

Adrenal exhaustion responds well to the milk cure.

Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management (1+ years before conception)

The late and eminent chiropractor Dr. Bernard Jensen writes, "I believe that the number-one source of the misery and decay we are witnessing in our society today is autointoxication - self-poisoning caused by microorganisms, metabolic waste, and other toxins in the body." Jensen, B. Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care

This type of cleansing usually requires fasting and is not recommended too close to the time of conception, as fasting deplete's too many nutrients, I suggest 1 year or later before conception for saftey.

Learn more about Dr. Jensen's Cleanse.

Cleansing and Healing with Vegetable Soup

This is the original healing soup of maverick physician Henry Bieler, which will help strengthen your glands and provide balance to a diet rich in animal foods.

1 pound of string beans, ends removed
2 pounds zucchini, chopped
a hand full of curly parsley*
enough water to cover your veggies

Add all ingredients to rapidly boiling water and boil for 10-15 min until a fork goes through outside of zucchini, puree using the water you cooked it in (it is important to use this water as it has vitamins and minerals) and make the soup to the consistency you desire. *lactating women should limit their parsley intake as it dries up breast milk.

This recipe is designed for healing; however you can also add all kinds of different vegetables to make a soup to suit your personal needs.

Healing with vegetable soup can be safely accomplished at any time prior to conception, or even during pregnancy. It will help cleanse, revitalize, and balance the body.

Allergies and Healthy Food Preparation Before Conception

Different types of unrecognized allergies can affect our bodies health in subtle ways that we do not realize. Reduction and elimination of allergies are apart of the Foresight UK preconception health program.

Many common food allergens are eliminated through strictly avoiding the commercially processed foods, and through careful preparation of whole foods. The preparation for whole foods is described in detail in Nourishing Traditions. The Weston A. Price Foundation is an organization devoted to promoting healthy use of whole foods, including animal foods.

Additional holistic healing techniques for allergies you can utilize are, NAET, and Health Kinesiology.

Balancing Body Chemistry to Heal Infertility and Improve Fertility

In my preconception diet guidelines, I suggest utilizing special foods regularly along with animal foods.

The late Melvin Page, DDS, found that degenerative diseases, like tooth decay are caused when our body chemistry becomes out of balance from our modern diet full of processed sugar, processed flour and other refined foods.

In this state of non-balance, couples can become infertile. Dr. Page developed the Page food plan for correcting this imbalance, primarily the focus is on regenerating the body through creating balanced blood sugar and balanced calcium/phosphorus ratios in the blood. In addition to elimination of all processed foods, and utilizing raw animal proteins, Dr. Page found good results by advising small to moderate portions of animal proteins throughout the day, and also strict elimination of sweets including sweet fruits (examples: bananas, pineapple, grapes, peaches, oranges). Dr. Page's health plan (PDF) is here. Dr. Page also used minute amounts of hormonal supplements and a system of special body measurements to create balanced body chemistry.

Dr. Page's protocol with glandular supplements was so successful in treating infertility, that the local registrar in his Florida hometown, became filled with children who were named after him when previously infertile women became fertile using his protocols.

Preconception Vitamins

Many prenatal and even preconception vitamins are made from synthetic substances. The ability for these vitamins to be assimilated by the body is highly questionable, and they seem to only provide some modest support in severe deficiency situations.

I recommend getting most of your vitamins from a balanced diet, rich in vegetables, bone broth's, grassfed fats, grassfed animal proteins, and grassfed animal organs. Any vitamin supplementation you do, should only be with vitamins made with herbs or other whole food derivatives. Really good vitamin supplements are rare.

There is no way to use supplements to avoid or to replace changing your deficient diet into a healthy diet.

Preconception Exercise

I encourage at least 1-2 hours of physical movement daily. Walking and swimming are good forms of exercise.

Some idea's are:

Hatha Yoga, the practice of physical postures, and breathing exercises.

Tai chi, a slow moving art form, gets your energy moving, and part of its purpose is to unite the yin feminine receptive force of the universe, and the yang active force of the universe.

Qigong, the practice of moving energy in your body to help unite with the Universe.

Continuum Movement is a free form type of movement which is facilitated with music to help free your body.

Core Energetics and Bioenergetics are psychotherapeutic dynamic healing modalities which include physical exercises designed to enliven the body, and help free up trapped emotions.

Avoid Environmental Toxins Prior to Conception and During Pregnancy

This is an outline list of steps to avoid environmental toxins. It is vital for men along with women, to practice this, as men's seeds can be influenced by environmental toxins. For brevity, the explanations have been removed.

An entire book has been written about environmental toxins and their effects on our children, The Truth About Children's Health, it goes into more detail on many of these topics.

  1. Drink purified water. It can be bottled, filtered and so on.
  2. Get a shower or bath filter and bathe only in filtered water.
  3. Use only organic soap, organic conditioner, organic cosmetics, and organic sun block, You can be sure the ingredients are safe if they are edible. (These items do not have to be edible, it is just a measure for testing safety.)
  4. Use only all natural cleaning products, including dishwashing liquids, and other household cleaners.
  5. If you must have dental work, get non-mercury fillings.
  6. Avoid Root Canals, use nutrition or holistic dentistry alternatives.
  7. Do not use Birth Control Pills or the IUD.
  8. Do not use prescription drugs. Do not use illegal drugs, and even over-the-counter drugs (including aspirin), and avoid vaccinations .
  9. Live in a non-toxic environment, do not work in a “sick” building; avoid a living environment with new carpets, new paint, newly varnished floors, new furniture and driving in new cars.
  10. Avoid breathing too much exhaust from cars. Fumes from natural gas, like a gas stove that are not burned are also dangerous. (Don’t hold your breath, just try to limit your exposure.)
  11. Avoid using, inhaling or touching any pesticides, bug sprays, or any other potentially harmful chemicals.
  12. Do not touch chemicals, or items that might have chemicals on them, such as gasoline, or car oil. (use gloves, or paper towels when getting gas)
  13. Avoid toothpaste and all products containing fluoride, use tooth powder or liquid tooth paste as an alternative,
  14. Avoid aluminum (tea pots, pie and cake tins, baking sheets) and Teflon cookware, use cast iron, stainless steel, or stoneware instead
  15. Limit exposure to electromagnetic waves, use a headset with your cell phone or get a cell phone protector, limit time in front of CRT’s (those big bulky computer and TV monitors), and also limit time in front of plasma monitors. LCD’s, liquid crystal monitors are a better than CRT's and plasma monitors because they do not have radiation, however the backlights to LCD's are florescent and they cause imbalances in our nervous system. I use a low setting so my back light is not too bright. Do not use a microwave, or stand near one while it is on. Keep electric items away from your sleeping area. If you use a computer, ideally the computer case full of whirring electrical equipment is not right next to you throughout the day, but some distance away. Laptops seem to be okay, they run on less power and put out less electromagnetic waves, their monitors are also LCD’s, which produce the least amount of radiation. Do no spend your entire day under fluorescent lights, use standard light bulbs instead, or as a compromise, filtered fluorescent lights, that are closer to regular sunlight. Do not spend all day in a cold, unnaturally ventilated building.
  16. Limit the use of Ultrasounds and X-rays
  17. Avoid Alcohol, Cigarettes and Coffee
  18. Avoid Commercial Tampons, buy Organic or Natural Ones, or preferably use natural pads, or a menstrual cup that is made with only natural substances

More and complimentary preconception health guidelines are available at: Foresight UK.

Emotions and Preconception Health

Our glandular system, the pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, ovaries, testes and so on, is directly influenced by our emotional health.

When our body perceives a threat, our glands release toxic substances, this is a biological response to prepare us for fight, flight or freezing.

While we need these defenses occasionally in life, our body misperceives threats almost daily, and thus we are engaged in a series of habitual biological responses, that create a hostile bio-chemical environment in our bodies.

The solution, begin to notice your defensive postures, so as you can recognize and begin to deprogram these responses when they are used unnecessarily.


Using the mind to defend our true feelings and defend true contact with others, it goes with the feeling of being above others, or above our feelings.

Self will

Using will power to defend ourselves. Our willpower can be used to defend ourselves with aggressive or intimidating types of behavior. These can be active, or passive.


We habitually run and hide internally from contact with others, and from any situation which is difficult. There is a tangible feeling of fear that motivates these behaviors.

Stress and Preconception Health

Stress does result from our modern lifestyle, but the definition of stress I prefer, is a set of environmental circumstances that our body fails to meet.

Working 16 hours a day is not stressful if you feel vibrant, alive and capable during those 16 hours.

Due to our modern habits of food, drink, drugs, and mismanagement of our hours of rising and sleeping, and a general not honoring of the life force, we experience stress in our daily lives because our bodies cannot cope with the work load we give them, due to our imbalanced lifestyle habits, such as eating deficient foods.

Stress does influence one's ability to conceive and have healthy children. I encourage you to explore, and ask about the root of what is causing you to choose these habits you have created so that the stress can be relieved.

Feeling All of Your Feelings

There are benefits to taking some type of effort to acknowledge your feelings.

Take a moment every day and ask yourself, how do I feel? Then just receive whatever response comes up, do not judge it or push it away. There is no such thing as a "wrong" or "bad" feeling. (Acting out negative feelings inappropriately can be wrong, but feeling and acknowledging them is okay.)

Another practice is to sit in quiet, and align with the intention, “I want to feel all of my feelings.”

The way you feel prior to conception, as the seeds of life are being created, will be apart of a framework for how your pregnancy, birth, and parenting will be.

A Daily Journal of Review for Mental and Spiritual Health

"The best way to find out about your unconscious apart from dream analysis is by doing what I call the Daily Review. With its help you can find out your true reactions to certain events; you begin to pull off masks and stop pretenses. You can find out where your actions go against a spiritual law.

The daily review should be conducted in the following manner:

Let the whole day pass in front of your eyes and in your memory; think of everything that has happened and has given you, in some way, a disharmonious feeling or reaction.

And no matter how wrong the other may have been, the moment you have been negatively touched by it, there must be something wrong within you. Write down in a few words the occasions, your reactions and associations. If you follow this practice through for some time to come, and not just once or twice, but faithfully, you will see after a while a clear pattern emerging.

At first, these disharmonious incidents will appear entirely unconnected and isolated; they will be meaningless for you. Later on you will begin to sense and, in time, clearly understand the pattern. This will help greatly.

Pray for enlightenment and guidance every time you conduct the daily review. Then ideas will flow into you and will eventually furnish you with further clues, though at first they may not make sense to you. Do not discard any of the ideas; do not resist them. Later on, all of them will form a clear picture. As with a puzzle, when you look at the pieces, you cannot see the picture, but if you patiently put them together, you will succeed." Pathwork Lecture 17

Inner Wisdom

The higher self, or divine spark within, is the most radiant and highest of the subtle bodies, with the quickest frequency of vibration.

In childhood, this divine spark was at the forefront of our lives, even while we lacked complete self-awareness. We existed primarily, although selfishly at times, in a state of oneness, joy and innocence. Through the pain of a world that could not love us, and that did not understand us, we reacted as children with pain and feeling hurt, which eventually became anger, frustration, negativity and so forth. We then learned that these reactions to our hurt and injustice, the negative behaviors (like yelling, screaming, throwing tantrums), even though as children we had little control over them, are not accepted in our world, so we covered them up with a pseudo-solution, call the Mask.

Most of us now live in a state of being mostly identified with our mask, a false, mind made self, a little me. This little me feels separated from life and other beings. The hurt child that lives within us, is incapable of seeing other people, and Nature, in their true essence, but rather they become objects to be utilized for personal gratification.

Wisdom, The Higher Self, is not found in idea's but "It is a self that is natural like a babbling brook that is single/simple in it's aspects.. [S]ometimes we lean too much on the books the systems to define us and direct us and we loose that innate natural quality that bubbles forth from within us that just needs an ear to listen to." Yogi Sri Yukteswar

You might feel lost in a crowd, or have a difficult time separating truthful knowledge from false knowledge. This is where inner wisdom will guide the way. Even though that spark is many times obscured during our life, it just takes an ear to listen to it to recognize it once again.

Or, as David Whyte says at the end of his poem Faith,

"Let this then, my small poem,
like a new moon, slender and barely open,
be the first prayer that opens me to faith."

Let it be your seeking, your asking, and your introspection and search for truth, that becomes the prayer that helps open you to a greater sense of communion with life, that invites the spark back into you, and that brings you into an experience of health.


We need prayer to exist on this planet. Prayer, is akin to meditation, so perhaps meditation is more appealing to you. We find more vital circumstances in our lives, and create more meaning for ourselves by engaging in a prayerful, humble attitude towards life.

We need prayer today because there is so much suffering, and so much false knowledge in the world. It is the false knowledge that has taken you away from the truth within, and helped you misbelieve in false outer truths. In this case, the false outer truth I refer to is the truth about our health, and about preconception health. For this I offer an applicable prayer I learned from Amma, the hugging saint.

Lead us from untruth to truth.  Lead us from darkness to light.  Lead us from death to immortality.  May all beings in the world be happy.

May Peace & Happiness Prevail!


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