Preconception Health for Men

A focus on preconception health is rare in our society, as we tend to think that the health of our bodies and our future children is only affected from pregnancy onwards. However, preconception health is vital for both women and men.

Are you surprised to hear that preconception health is important for men? You shouldn't be! Many infertility problems are related to physical issues and nutritional deficiencies on the part of the man. Besides this, the man's seed has just as much effect on the outcome for a healthy child as a woman's ova and physical preparation before and during pregnancy.

If you think about it, you will intuit that this is true. A man's seed is responsible for half of his future child's genetic code. Therefore, a healthy seed will result in a healthier child. Besides this, a preconception health program for men can help prepare them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to become better parents once the baby arrives.

What Men Need to Do and Avoid Before Conception

A preconception program for any male who wants to be the best possible father with the healthiest possible baby should involve spiritual, mental, and emotional preparation. This can take the form of journaling, engaging in spiritual practices, reading books on parenting and topics that are simply interesting to the man, and talking with other people about what it means to be an excellent father. This preparation also means that a man takes time to connect with his partner and the mother of his future child, since she will need his undivided support during preconception, pregnancy, and parenthood.

On a physical level, preconception health for men means avoiding things that can harm the seed from which you want a child to grow. Things to avoid include alcohol, smoking, and exposure to excessive heat or toxic chemicals.

Besides simply avoiding the obvious things, though, a man's preconception health means cleansing his own body of toxins and eating nutrients, such as zinc, that are helpful for creating healthy, vibrant sperm. A program of at least three to six months before conception will help a man create the healthiest possible sperm with which to father his future offspring.

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