5 Ways to Become More Fertile

Becoming more fertile is often the focus of couples who are trying to conceive, especially if they have been having difficulty conceiving. Luckily, there are many movement-based ways that you can become more fertile. Exercise of almost any sort is great for fertility because it helps keep our hormones at the proper balance and our bodies in working order. However, the following five types of exercises have even more fertility benefits.

Hatha Yoga: This type of yoga is based on different postures along with certain types of breathing exercises. Yoga helps build your mind-body connection to make you one with life. Physical movements and breaths move you towards clarity and purpose. Doing yoga on a daily basis can make your digestion better, your glandular system stronger, your physical body more fit, and your emotions and thoughts more balanced and clarified.

Tai Chi: This is another slow-moving ancient type of movement. It helps connect you with your body's innate energy, and it focuses on building patients while it builds upper and lower body strength. Tai chi strengthens your body's centers of energy and can also be very calming and relaxing.

Quigong: This is yet another way to practice moving with your body's innate energy, but it focuses on engaging more traditional energy centers than Tai Chi.

Continuum Movement: This type of freeform movement to music is a great way to connect with your innate sense of knowing and instincts and intelligence. You'll feel more harmony with life once you learn to let go and practice continuum movement.

Core Energetics and Bioenergetics: This distinctly Western practice is great for healing both the body and the mind. The exercises bring energy to the body and liberate trapped emotions. You can learn to use this form of exercise through a book - The Way to Vibrant Health: A Manual of Bioenergetic Exercises by Alaexander Lowen or by finding a therapist who practices in your area.

These are just five simple practices that can help you enhance your fertility through physical exercise. They're even more beneficial than traditional physical exercises like running or swimming because they also engage your mind and emotions!

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