Most Common Causes of Infertility

Infertility is an increasingly common problem among couples in the Western world today. According to the CDC, about 7.3 million women in the United States alone struggle with infertility. However, doctors have absolutely no clue what causes infertility in the vast majority of cases! The book Healing Our Children presents some potential causes for infertility, and in this case, the causes presented really make sense.

According to this insightful book, infertility is usually caused by our emotional background as well as the deficiencies inherent in the modern diet. By sorting out your emotional past and by improving your diet to make it healthier and more natural, you can reverse infertility - without having to use invasive and unnatural medical fertility interventions.

Fertility and Your Diet

Although we very rarely see dietary insufficiencies as a cause for infertility, the fact that our diet and our fertility are inherently linked absolutely should not be overlooked. According to Healing Our Children , it's easy to see how interlinked diet and infertility are when we look at the fertility history of various indigenous groups who eventually moved from their traditional, natural, healthy diets in to more modernized diets. Even in European societies, birth rates declined when people started eating more refined grains, which was leaving them with B6 and E vitamin deficiencies!

Indigenous cultures seemed to know innately that diet was important for fertility, which is why these groups, who naturally ate high-nutrient diets at all times, fed their growing children and both men and women who were trying to conceive particularly fertile foods, especially those high in Activator X. This substance is produced when animals eat the fast-growing grasses of spring and summer, and it is essential for helping develop healthy sperm and ova and for boosting the fertility of both men and women, as well as the health of eventual offspring.

Emotions and Fertility

Another often unrecognized cause of or factor in infertility is the emotional block. Often times, we are infertile because we have failed to deal with a past life event, be it poor lifestyle choices, an abortion, or a miscarriage. Dealing with and healing from these emotional blocks can restore fertility in many cases.

Besides this, fertility is obviously linked to the act of sex, and those who are in poor emotional health are likely to be in poor sexual health, as well. You could be as physically healthy as possible but still be unable to conceive if you suffer from a poor sex drive or an inability to physically complete the acts of intercourse. Sexual healing can come through cleansing the body of toxins, eating aphrodisiac foods, and healing on an emotional level, as well.

How to Heal from Infertility

The best way to heal from infertility and to be able to conceive a healthy baby is to work on emotional and dietary problems you find in your life at the moment. For you, this might mean journaling about past emotional traumas, meeting with a counselor, or speaking with your partner or a trusted friend. It may also mean making dramatic dietary changes that cut out the modernized foods you've been eating and replace them with healthy, natural, whole foods that will heal your body from the inside out.

If you're struggling with infertility and are curious about how to naturally boost your fertility through natural eating and emotional healing, read Healing Our Children . This book is a virtual manual of fertility cures for couples in all sorts of situations, and it's a great way to learn more about how to work with your mind, spirit, and body in order to conceive the child you're longing for.

Learn more natural and holistic information about fertility, pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

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Feedback From Readers Who Have Nurtured Their Children with advice from Healing Our Children

This truly is a book to heal our future generation of children! - Hally Cuttner

Ramiel Nagel's book "Healing Our Children", lovingly provides holistic perspectives on the many facets of parenting and family life. Through the guidance of this book we have become more aware and enlightened parents. Overall, this book exudes an energy of life and honesty. It is a refreshing addition to the run of the mill parenting guide. Thank you Rami! - Jamie Busch, New Jersey

This book is a treasure for new families, for all those who are planning on having children or already have young kids. - Olga

In this book Rami explains the basics of how nutrition is linked to so many of these so-called "incurable" diseases. At the end of the day, there are no shortcuts. We do need to take full responsibility of raising our children properly. - Sandeep Agarwal

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