Infertility Causes and Natural Treatment

Our modern lifestyle habits are the primary cause of infertility. Infertility is our bodies response to a bio-chemical imbalance. Infertility is a couple illness, and both men and women can participate in healing it.

A Fertile Population Becomes Extinct

The people of the Marquesan islands, about 750 miles northeast of Tahiti, were once known for their superb beauty and health. Once they numbered in the hundred's of thousands, the Native population is now extinct. They replaced their traditional foods such as dried coconut meat, with modern foods of commerce like refined sugar's and flour.

Modern Foods That Cause Infertility

"Professor Drummond, a British bio-chemist, in discussing the question of the modern decline in fertility, before the Royal Society of Medicine suggested that the decline in the birth rate in European countries, during the last fifty years, was due, largely, to the change in national diets which resulted from the removal of [fat-soluble] vitamins B and E from grains when the embryo or germ was removed in the milling process." Price, W. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

"As with men, insufficient intake of certain nutrients can often make women less prone to become pregnant. Much research reveals that subnormal intake of vitamin B6 can diminish the chances of conception." Health Freedom News

Francis Pottenger M.D., did experiments with cats, giving one group of cats raw meat and milk and the other cooked meat and pasteurized milk. For the cats receiving a diet of cooked meat, "Abortion was about 25 percent in the first generation and 70 percent in the second generation. Deliveries were difficult, many cats dying in labor." Thurston, E. Nutrition for Tots and Teens

Birth Control Pills Contribute towards being Infertile

"If the woman's reproductive organs are properly formed, infertility generally results from poor mucus production in the ovaries and uterus. The mucus or its fiber is too sparse, or too thin, or too short, or weak.. Spermicides, lubricants, birth control pills and chemical douches absorb into the uterine walls cause poor mucus formation and/or production, and damage ovaries and ovum quality and production.." Vonderplantiz, A. We Want To Live

Birth control pills sometimes can diminish the amount of available B6 thus leaving some women infertile.

Infertility Cause Explained

The delicate reproductive act cannot happen successfully when our bodies are out of harmony with Nature. The primary cause of this disharmony is our modern diet. Too much sugar, creates an acrid environment in our body. Too much white flour, deplete's our bodies of nutrients and essential reproductive vitamins.

The sexual drive and our ability to reproduce is surely one of the first mechanisms the body shuts down when people are not in optimal health.

Our modern diet also lacks the essential nutrients for fertility, fat-soluble vitamins from animal foods.

Healthy Indigenous People who Where Fertile

While in modern times, we destroy our bodies from a toxic and nutrient devoid diet, in ancient times, Indigenous people's ate special nutrient rich foods, prior to conception, to enhance their fertility.

"These fish eggs were an important part of the nutrition of the women during their reproductive period. They were available both at the coast market of Peru and as dried fish eggs in the highland markets, whence they were obtained by the women in the high Sierras to reinforce their fertility and efficiency for childbearing. A chemical analysis of the dried fish eggs that I brought to my laboratory from Alaska as well as of samples brought from other places has revealed them to be a very rich source of body-building minerals and vitamins. Here again, I have found no record of their use in our modern civilization for reinforcing physical development and maternal efficiency for reproduction." Price, W. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

"In their more primitive condition [Masai] girls are required to delay marriage until after the drought period in order that she may use the milk products produced after the cows are on the rapidly growing young grass following the rains. It is their belief and practice that by the use of fresh grass milk for three moons, they will prepare their bodies for marriage and reproduction." Price, W.A. 7 Teaching Lessons, Lesson 7.

While Indigenous groups knew about many essential foods for mother's and father's to be, our modern society fails to give consideration to our diet as a primary cause of infertility, and of children who cannot fully thrive in the world. This does not need to continue to be the case, let's educate people!

Healing Infertility Naturally

A plant cannot grow in soil that is barren. Yet we wrongly expect the human body to function optimally under barren, depleted or toxic environmental circumstances.

The Foresight preconception program in the UK has a 78.4% healing infertility rate using natural methods. This proves both that natural methods do work, and that it is through finding balance with food and drink, that we can regain our reproductive health.

Father's and Mother's need to use the time prior to conception to create ideal seeds, and ideal internal chemistry and vitality to promote the growth of a healthy child.

Just as conception requires two people, both the Father and Mother influence whether a successful conception occurs. Yes, one person can be in worse health than the other, however, better health for both ensure conception will happen, and that your child will be healthier.

Below is an overview of key ingredients of a Preconception Health Program to help heal infertility.

Artificial Fertility Treatments and Their Problems

The fact that our bodies cannot reproduce usually the bodies physiological reaction to the environment (food, drink, drugs, emotions) it is in. Artificial methods to attempt reproduction are not recommended, because the primary problem that needs to be addressed is the health of the body, not whether actually fertilization or implantation is possible. First the health of the mother and father's body needs to be improved. Otherwise, even if the infertility treatment is successful, the child that is produced may not be a fully healthy child.

A grandmother who used to work at a fertility clinic that used artificial insemination told me that it the baby's of the previously infertile couples frequently had birth defects. This is because the cause of the infertility was not directly addressed, but rather worked around with the use of modern medical technology.

Replace Birth Control Pills with Fertility Awareness Method

Charting your bodies signals using waking temperature and cervical fluid is a safe way to practice birth control, and an ideal way to determine your ovulation patterns. Learn more >>

Avoid all Modern Foods of commerce:

  1. All sugar's accept for small amounts of stevia and unheated honey. (Fruit is Okay)
  2. All flour products unless it is BOTH from freshly ground, and fermented grains.
  3. All low quality vegetable oils, non-organic meats, low fat foods, soymilk and tofu.

Avoid Other Environmental Toxins:

  1. Prescription Drugs(prescription and otherwise), Vaccinations, and Birth Control Pills (Replace with FAM).
  2. Alcohol, Drugs, Cigarettes, and all sources of Fluoride.
  3. Drink and bathe in purified water, limit electromagnetic radiation.
  4. Household chemicals, pesticides, and non organic makeup and body care products.
  5. Aluminum, Ultrasounds, X-rays, and Commercial non-organic Tampons.

Eat Whole Foods Including Fat-soluble vitamins:

  1. Fish Eggs, Yellow Grassfed Butter, Grassfed Liver
  2. Fermented Foods, Bone Broths, Raw Milk, Raw Cream, Grassfed eggs
  3. Other Organ Meats, Lots and lots of veggies, and limit intake of sweet fruits.

Cleanse Before Conception:

  1. Utilize Raw Foods, Fasting, Vegetable Juices, Vegetable Soups, and Herbal Cleanses to remove accumulated wastes from the body. (Do not do a complete fast anywhere close to the time of conception, give yourself at least 1 year before conception, as fasting can substantially deplete the body of nutrients)
  2. Clarify, heal, and rejuvenate the mind, emotions and spirit.

We Are Not Here To Suffer from Sterility

We are hear on Earth to learn, grow, heal, and to open to a more unified and complete reality. The old paradigm that disease is incurable, and its causes are unknown, is false. The presence of infertility can be greatly reduced by changing our lifestyle habits.

While some of these experiences, we have no control over, we are still responsible to make every effort to substantially change our health, and the health of our child-to-be because we are here to be redeemed!

Learn more natural and holistic information about fertility, pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

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