Cleansing Your Body Before Pregnancy

If you're thinking of becoming pregnant sometime in the next few months or years, one of the best things you can do is to ensure that you are in the best possible physical health. Why a great pregnancy diet based on organic, whole foods can help you have a healthier baby, the best way to ensure your child's healthy future is to start pregnancy with your body in the best possible shape.

One way to ensure that your body is healthy is to cleanse and restore health to your digestive system well before pregnancy. Throughout your life, you have most likely been eating foods that are essentially toxic to your internal system. Even if you have had a relatively healthy diet, you have been exposed to many environmental toxins that can leach into your system, causing your internal balance to be thrown off.

Over time, this causes the digestive tract to become compromised as the delicate balance of intestinal flora is disrupted. This leads to a snowballing of problems, which leave your body unable to properly process even the healthiest of foods. Foods like organic meats and vegetables that were once healthy for your body become toxic by sitting in your gut for too long, rotting, and passing toxic materials into your bloodstream and the rest of your body.

To really increase your odds of a healthy pregnancy and an exceptionally healthy child, you need more than just a healthy pregnancy diet. Instead, you need to focus on your body's overall cleanliness and health in the months - or even years - leading up to pregnancy! One way to take care of problems with your insides well before pregnancy is to perform a healing cleanse.

A good pre-pregnancy cleanse is gentle and won't leave your body depleted of nutrients, as a complete fasting cleanse can and will do. Also, you shouldn't perform any type of cleanse within about six months of conception, since even the gentlest of cleanses can leave your body depleted of certain important fat-soluble nutrients that you need in order to stay healthy and to nourish a healthy new life.

The best type of pre-pregnancy cleanse is food based, rather than fasting based. Such a cleanse can last for a few weeks to a few months. While different cleanses have different foci, they all want to do one thing: to restore your body's internal health by focusing on good digestive health. A good cleanse will nourish your body with easy-to-digest foods, which can give your digestive tract time and energy to clean itself out naturally. A really great cleanse will also help your digestive tract heal itself while rebalancing your intestinal flora through probiotic foods that encourage their growth.

The Raw Milk Cure

This cleanse, advocated by Dr. JR Crewe in 1929 has certainly not lost its power in nearly 100 years. For this cleanse you should spend most of the day resting, and throughout the day, you should allow yourself to drink small quantities of raw milk. Start by aiming to get about three or four quarts of milk in a day, and work your way up to consuming about a pint of milk a day. Over a week or so, this cleanse can help heal your intestinal tract and restore intestinal flora. The author of Healing Our Children notes that this cleanse may be made more effective by adding in raw eggs and raw cream into the cleanse.

Raw Foods Cures

Many, many cleanses from different cultures and practitioners can help increase overall physical health and to increase the health of the digestive system. One option is to eat raw liver and raw fish, which is excellent for rehabilitation when your body is particularly exhausted. If you are uncomfortable with a raw meat and fish cleanse, consider a cleanse that involves only raw vegetable juices and raw eggs.

Raw juice cleanses can be a great option because your body can so easily process raw vegetables in juice form. Adding raw eggs can speed up the cleansing process and help your body to more effectively heal the digestive system. Raw foods cleanses can go on for long periods of time, as long as you ensure that you are getting a wide variety of essential nutrients as well as plenty of protein to keep your body strong throughout the cleanse.

Symptoms of a Cleanse

A good cleanse will release toxins that your body has been storing, which will almost inevitably leave you feeling somewhat sick. Flu or cold like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, and headaches are common symptoms, especially in the first few days of a cleanse. However, after this point, you'll find yourself feeling lighter and more energetic than ever before!

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